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R U Ready 4 The Party



Chicken Loaf

Ready to eat cured processed meat of Indian Flavor. Perfectly sliced for making sandwiches.
Place it in between two breads along with cheese/mayonnaise, salad etc.


Packet -– 150gm/500gm/1kg

Chicken Nuggets    

Ready to eat cured processed soft meat cubes of indigenous flavour Light Fry to brown in low heat usign white oil serve it hot with sauce & salad Perfect evening snacks, even for all age group Dip into batter and deep fry for Just 3 minutes for value addition Add in chowmin to ake power diet specially for chicken

Packet – 150gm/500gm/1kg.

Chicken Kima    

Chicken Breasts are minced perfectly without any spices Prepare curry with kima Prepare your own MAN PASAND RECIPL

Packet - 200gm/500gm & 1kg

Chicken Ready Mix    

Cured Chicken kima emulsified with condiments (onion, garlic etc.)  and Indian Spices Ready to cook You may prepare chicken ball, Chicken nuggets, chicken pakora. chicken idly and many more at any time, every time perfectly prepared for evening guests at home  

Packet - 200gm/ 500gm/ 1kg

Chicken Saalami    

Salami is the most popular items from cured thicken meat emulsion with Indian Spices heat  N bite product (in Micro Oven) Dip into the batter (Corn Flower/moiad, egg, chill Powder etc.) Deep try for 3-4 minutes and enjoy hot with tomato sauce.

Paeket – 150 gm/ 500gm/ 1kg.

Chicken Sausages    

Made of emulsified cooked chicken moderately spiced. Fry for just 3 minutes and serve hot with salad and sauce Place the fried sausage in between long pay (bread) along with salad &
sauce and make your own hot dog at home. Perfect for young kids Tiffin as power diet (Nutritious, Delicious)

Packer - 150gm !500gm/ 1 kg

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